SM Jazz / Blues Spring Fest was founded five years ago under the patronage of the town of Sremska Mitrovica. Nowadays it represents a significant music event and one of the major cultural events in Sremska Mitrovica.
Thanks to this festival which represents the culmination of major music events, beside some other concerts which precede the festival throughout the year, Sremska Mitrovica has had the opportunity to host the following performers: Vlada Maričić -Romano Cubano Feat Louis, Jazz Sense Quintet, Aleksandar Jaćimović Sextet, Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra, Vasil Hadžimanov Band, Jovan Maljoković Balkan Salsa Band, Di Luna Blues Band feat, Big Band Horns, Blue Family, Pera Joe Blues Band, The Gamblers…

The date of the evnt: the first week of April

The venue: the Youth Centre Sremska Mitrovica


The Night of Museums – Sremska Mitrovica

‘The Night of Museums’ is a cultural event which is organized by the museums and cultural institutions and the museums are open until late at night (or precisely from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.). The purpose of the event is introducing cultural institutions to individuals, as well as presenting the museums and galleries in a more interesting and unusual way. So far, the participants of the event in Sremska Mitrovica have been:
the Lapidarium of the Museum of Srem and the Museum of Srem.


The date of the event: the first week of May

The venue: the Museum of Srem Sremska Mitrovica

The Pony Festival

The Pony Festival represents a sport, gastronomic and ethnographic event which includes children’s folk dance, ethnographic exhibitions prepared by associations of women and kids spending time with ponies all day long, which is a special kind of attraction in this region.

The date of the event: the last week of May

The venue: Čalma, the Farm Household Čavić

Motorcycle Rally

A sports event which takes place in May in order to promote and develop biking. A traditional rock concert is held on the plateau of the Automobile Association of Serbia in Sremska Mitrovica, and several hundred motorcycle lovers attend it.

The date of the event: the last week of May

The venue: Sremska Mitrovica, the Plateau of the Automobile Association of Serbia.

The Festival of String Instruments

This event organized by the School of Music ‘Petar Krančević’ is unique in our country. The basic idea of the organizer was to observe the development and quality of the pedagogical work and solo performance on string instruments.

The festival provides the young with a chance to play music on a violin, viola, violoncello and kontrabass, to nurture their competitive spirit and develop their education both at the level of the province and republic.
Every year Sremska Mitrovica is the host to numerous participants from our country as well as to the people of different nationalities who develop as artists on the territory of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the Republic of Serbia, which makes the school especially proud.
The respectable and eminent artists and teachers who teach string intsruments and who have enhanced the quality of playing music on string instruments during their careers, approve the significance of this event by their participation in the jury throughout many years.

The date of the event: the second half of May

The venue: Sremska Mitrovica


Srem Cup

This traditional cultural and sports event has been promoting the cultural and other values of the region of Srem for many years. It takes place in Grgurevci, a village on Fruška Gora near Sremska Mitrovica.
The competition in futsal for all ages and the competition in preparing a pot dish take place in the morning.
In the evening the vistors can attend the folk dance parade.

The date of the event: June

The venue: Sremska Mitrovica


The Watermelon Festival

‘Watermelon Festival’, an event important for the economy and tourism, is traditionally held in Srem village Šašinci. A couple of days before it the cultural and entertaining programme starts and the folk dance ensembles of Srem participate in it. The unevitable part of the event is a traditional exhibition of homemade craft and pastries made by old recepies. The central part of the event is the announcement of the heaviest melon and watermelon, the competition in striking with a whip or watermelon eating contest, cooking stew, etc.

The date of the event: July

The venue: Šašinci


Srem Folk Fest

Srem Folk Fest is an international festival of folk dance which traditionally takes place in Sremska Mitrovica in the first half of August every year (this year from August 9 to August 13).
The purpose of the festival is to preserve the culture and tradition of all nations of the world through song, dance, music and costumes, and present it to the inhabitants and tourists of Sremska Mitrovica. The ensembles from about a dozen of countries participate in the festival, and the performance and takes place in the open, as well as the parade along the streets of the town.

The date of the event: from August 9 to August 13

The venue :Sremska Mitrovica


The Pot Dish Contest’To Europe with a Ladle’

The pot dish contest in Zasavica I is one of the events planned to enable the inhabitants of Zasavica I to take part in the process of the development of rural and ecotourism.

The pot dish contest is one of the models used by the local community office, the football club ‘Sloga’ and the association of hunters ‘Mačva’ in order to try to suggest that Zasavica I and other nearby places have a great tourism potential. The visitors can enjoy the gastronomic specialities of the region during the whole-day event.


The date of the event: the first half of August

The venue: Zasavica 1

The Oratorical Festival
(Sirmium lux verbi – Sirmium the light of words)

The Oratorical Festival is one of the oldest and most prominent festivals of Mitrovica.
The Oratorical Festival is held in the open, on one of the most beautiful sites from the period of ancient Sirmium, which is nowadays situated in the very centre of Sremska Mitrovica. Throughout many years of the festival, some of our most eminent actors, exceptional orators, such as Miša Janketić, Svetlana Bojković, Gorica Popović, Petar Kralj and many others, participated in it. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia has included it in the Calendar of Major Events in the Republic.


The date of the event: August

The venue: Sremska Mitrovica



Manifestacija se organizuje povodom 1780 godina od rođenja čuvenog rimskog imperatora Marka Aurelija Proba i više od 1700 godina od kada je na južnoj padini Fruške gore, na Šuljamačkoj glavici, svojom carskom rukom zasadio prvi čokot.

Datum održavanja : 19.avgust (dnevna manifestacija)

Mesto održavanja : Šuljamačka glavica


Internacionalna vinska svečanost koja se organizuje u Sirmiumu na dan rođenja imperatora Proba, 19. avgusta, u kompleksu Carske palate. Organizator je Udruženje poštovalaca vina “Marcus Aurelius Probus”.


Datum održavanja :19.avgust (večernja manifestacija)

Mesto održavanja :Carska palata


The Convocation of Voyvoda Stojan Čupić

A two-day event, the Convocation of Voyvoda Stojan Čupić, takes place in Salaš Noćajski in the first week of September, and it includes various events such as:

  • folk gatherings and reunions traditional for Mačva
  • culinary contests in preparing traditional dishes from Mačva
  • artists bivouacs – the exhibitions of the paintings by the painters from Mačva and other painters,
  • knight games: pulling a wooden axle, long jump, rocks from the shoulder, trunk fights, jumping over a log, etc. – and the elections for the Voyvoda of Mačva (for one year), a sabre being the prize,
  • Voyvoda’s convocation – various cultural and artistic programmes, recitals, toasts, choirs, performances of folk groups and ensembles from Mačva and other regions, etc.

The date of the event: the first week of September

The venue: Salaš Noćajski

The Festival of Broiled Meat

The gastronomic event ‘Serbian Festival of Broiled Meat’ has been held for the second time this year in the visitor centre of the Special Nature Reserve.
All the visitors have the opportunity to taste traditional broiled pork, lamb and all kinds of poultry, as well as some special kinds of game meat such as pigeon, pheasant, wagtail, ostrich, and other wild bird meat specialties. A special treat is broiled donkey on a spit which you can taste on the spot. The cooks and a great number of societies of women from different regions of Serbia prepare some home made grain dishes.
The programme is enriched by the performances of several folk dance ensembles.

The date of the event: the second week of September

The venue: the Special Nature Reserve Zasavica


Jedan od osnovnih motiva za održavanje poljoprivrednog sajma je praćenje trendova u svetu gde je sve češća praksa neposrednog i direktnog kontakta sa individualnim proizvođačima. Na sajmu su prisutni izlagači poljoprivredne mehanizacije, proizvođači semenske robe, hemijskih proizvoda za zaštitu bilja, stočne hrana, voća i povrća, pčelari, mali privrednici, kao i banke i osiguravajuća društva. Partner sajma je Opština Komenda iz Republike Slovenije.

Datum održavanja : septembar

Mesto održavanja : Sportski aerodrom Veliki Radinci


The Festival of String Instruments

It was the idea of the Development Projects Board of the Municipality of Sremska Mitrovica and the project ‘I Love SM’ and it was for the first time held in 2001. The festival was designed as a musical composition contest which is supposed to nurture the tradition and the specificness of the town of Sremska Mitrovica and its inhabitants by the authentic sound of tamburitza orchestra and song lyrics.
The preparations for the festival start in May, with the announcement of public tender, and the festival night is one of the November Days events.


The date of the event: November

The venue: Sremska Mitrovica

Pike Fishing Contest

This is a sport and recreation event with about 30 contestants from Serbia, Montenegro and the Republic of Srpska participating in it.
In the beautiful surroundings of the Special Nature Reserve Zasavica pike fishing experience is special.


The date of the event: the second half of November

The venue: the Special Nature Reserve Zasavica