Sremska Mitrovica has considerable resources for the development of tourism.

The sites of antique Sirmium, some of the most important being the Imperial Palace, the part of the city centre on Grain Square, as well as the Basilica of Saint Demetrius, and the Museum of Srem which is, due to the abundance, value and rarity of the artefacts, especially those from the period of the Roman Empire, one of the most significant institutions of this kind in the country, immensely attract both local and foreign visitors. The Art Gallery Lazar Vozarević is another place that every tourist should visit.

There is the National Park Fruška Gora witin the reach of the town, the ideal place for vacation and relaxation with all its forests and beautiful meadows.

Fruška Gora is distincted by numerous ortodox monasteries of invaluable historical and cultural importance, which have been extremely important for the preservation of national identity and religion of the Serbs for centuries.

The Special Nature Reserve Zasavica in the part of the county that belongs to Mačva abounds in extremely rare species of flora and fauna. The nature of the reserve, intact for thousands of years, is really precious.
The woodlands of Sremska Mitrovica include about 40,000 hectars of valuable, mostly oak forests, rich in big and small wild animals which attract the hunters from all the constinents.

The sports fishing can be organized both on the Sava River and the accumulative lakes on Fruška Gora.

Special efforts have been made to affirm the nautic tourism on the Sava River, which is likely to be achieved.

In recent years, the event tourism has especially developed in Sremska Mitrovica, and its quality and the number of attendants are in expansion.