Only 15 kilometres away from Sremska Mitrovica, there is a unique natural phenomenon – the Special Nature Reserve Zasavica. The whole surface of the reserve is 1825ha, 675 ha of which is under the first category of protection. There are some autohtonic species of domestic animals that can be seen there, such as podolian cows, mangulitsa pigs, beavers that you can spend some time with, and the largest farm of donkeys in this part of Europe, as well as many other attractions that can be found in this Special Nature Reserve.

The preserved original form of landscape, authentic folklore features and cultural and historical monuments make Zasavica a unique and complete tourist destination.
The vivid mixture of forests, moist meadows, wide banks and water, the abundance of plants and animal species, traditional lifestyle on the river depicted through the folklore and everyday life, historical heritage which dates back from the ancient time, offers a range of rare, attractive and unique activities for the visitors.

Relaxation, leisure activities, sailing, observing and studying nature in the Special Nature Reserve Zasavica can be easily achieved for all those who love countryside. The educational programme for pupils and students with the purpose of studying natural values is recommended in the form of a single-day or a several-day stay and programmes and activities carefully planned by professionals.
Due to its biodiversity, relict species, endemic and rare species and their environment, insufficient information on some groups of organisms, such as the insects, the possibilities for observing the relationship within one and between different species, the interaction of the abiothic and biothic factors, this area can be classified as an interesting and suitable for scientific and expert researches.

Sportfishing is allowed on particularly designed locations and stands and, with a bit of luck, it is possible to catch some nice wild carp, pike, or crucian carp. A boat tour through Zasavica is a real delight for the fans of photo-safari since nature never makes you indifferent, and some special treats that are on the offer are eco bread and Mačva style grilled fish.
Of course, you cannot avoid the abundance of gastronomic specialties which contribute to the whole atmosphere.


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