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The Library ‘Gligorije Vozarević’ was established on the foundation of the Serbian Civic Library which was founded in 1886.

Although the library did not work with constant intensity or continuity due to the difficulties brought by the cruelty of the two wars, it has represented a noble beginning and the root of the library science in the town. After World War II a public library ‘Prosveta’ was founded and it had a modest collection of 2,015 books. The development of the town and the aspiration towards the contents of its activities influenced the development of the library, which in 1969 entered the new books of the bookbinder and publisher Gligorije Vozarević, born in Ležimir, a village near Sremska Mitrovica.

Nowadays, due to its development and role, the library represents one of the 30 regional libraries in the information system of libraries in the Republic of Serbia. The elements of its internal organization, according to the statutory provision, are:

  • - THE CENTRAL DEPARTMENT is the department which has been the central office for the libraries of the municipalities of Indjija, Irig, Pećinci, Ruma, Stara Pazova and Šid since June 6, 1994. There are 6 national, 32 elementary school, 12 high school and 5 special libraries, with more than 156 employees, under its jurisdiction.
  • - THE DEPARTMENT OF SUPPLY AND DATA PROCESSING supplies all the departments and their branches with books and processes them. The central, author, expert, theme and title catallogues are created in this department.
  • - THE DEPARTMENT FOR ADULTS has the collection of 52,453 books from the fields of scienece, art and belletristics, 9 daily newspapers and 4 magazines which are used by 4,525 registered readers. They can attend literary events, the evenings of poetry, public discussions and exhibitions in the reading room of the department.
  • - THE EXPERT LITERATURE DEPARTMENT provides the readers with the abundant collection of 6,819 lexicons, encyclopedieas, literary analyses and 12 specialized magazines.
  • - THE REGIONAL COLLECTION preserves the cultural heritage of our county. It collects and processes all the books and other written materials which has the content that refers to, was published in or whose author was born in our municiplaity.
  • - THE CHILDREN’S DEPARTMENT engages the children from the pre-school age to the end of the elementary school through the various forms of cultural and educational activities and the collection of 3,551 books and 6,789 picture books in the world of books and reading. In the department, besides renting a book they want, they can also participate in competitions in drawing, reciting, writing, quizzes, creative workshops, or attend literary gatherings.
  •  - BRANCHES in Bosut, Jarak, Kuzmin, Martinci, Čalma and Šašinci with their collections of 38,456 books meet the cultural needs of the children and other inhabitants of these villages.

Opening hours – from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., from 8 a.m. to 12 o’clock on Saturday