Address: Trg Ćire Milekića 2, 22,000 sremska Mitrovica
Telephone number: 022 615 115

Although there is no official evidence, it is highly probable that there was a thetare in Sremska Mitovica back in the time of the ancient Rome. Therefore it can be said that Dobrica Milutinović Theatre, although it was founded after World War II, was based on the several-hundred-year-old thetre tradition of Sremska Mitrovica and it has represented one of the most significant values of civic culture of the second half of the 19th and first half of the 20th century. The thetre life in the town developed prevailingly due to the influence of the Serbian National Thetre from Novi Sad, although there was some additional influence of the theatres from Croatia, especially the one from Osijek. The first known proof of the amateur theatre life in the town dates back from 1842. It was noted down in the chronicles of this year that in Mitrovica, one of the most developed centres of civic life in Srem, a thetatre group performed the play Knez Lazar. In addition to this, the revolutionary events in Austria that took place in 1848/49 and the procurement of humanitarian aid for the Serbs from the regions struck by the conflicts were the obvious reasons for the revival of the town’s theatre.

It may be said that the theatrical moments in Sremska Mitrovica have consisted of eight main trends:

  • the presentation of classical and contemporary plays
  • contemporary performances based on unconventional forms of theatre
  • the presentation of plays that depict the environment, society and social moment together with the humour characteristic of  local environment.
  • the presentation of various theatrical forms throughout the country and abroad
  • organizing of performances of other theatres
  • organizing street performances based on the traditional street theatre
  • the cooperation with the institutions engaged in social work and care for children, the elderly and the disabled
  • organizing visits and performances for children in our own production with the main aim to educate and incite the children’s imagination and motivate them to research and learn independently

Nowadays the theatre also has a drama school – the Young Theatre Club ‘Duga’ where kids spend time with their peers and get prepared for the future serious roles.

Dobrica Milutinović Theatre in Sremska Mitrovica, besides the cooperation with other theatres and cultural institutions from our country, also collaborates with the institutions which are related to all different kinds of education and help the society with a variety of issues ranging from ecology to the protection of human rights. The examples of this are the active participation in the action against addiction with the play ‘Billie Holiday’ and the organization of the play ‘Virus’ by the theatre Zvezdara Teatar from Belgrade, written and directed by Siniša Kovačević, anent the World AIDS Day.