The City of Sirmium, which was on the same territory where Sremska Mitrovica is today, was one of the capitals of the Roman Empire and one of the greatest metropolises of the time.

Sirmium, as a settlement, originates from the ancient Celtic period, and some of its remains are 7,000 years old.

At the time of the Flavian dynasty Sirmium was assigned the highest rank, it became Colonia Flavia Sirmiensium.

The greatest urban expansion began at the end of the 3rd century and lasted throughout the 4th and partially 5th century. The well-known Roman writer of the 4th century, Ammianus Marcellinus, called it the glorious and populous mother of all the cities.

Sremska Mitrovica was one of the greatest archeological sites of Yugoslavia. On the occasion of the exploration of Sirmium, beside the Imperial Palace with Roman circus, many other monumental public buildings, such as the so called ‘Baths of Licinius’, the grain storage (horreum), trade and craft district, were discovered as well.

Luxurious mansions and multistorey residential buildings called insulae, where less affluent residents lived, were found. The city was protected by impressive walls, and water was provided from spring Vranjaš on Fruška Gora by an aquaduct. The streets had porticos and the sewerage system, and were stone paved. There was a mint in the city, workshops which manufactured various objects from noble metals, glass, and ceramics, and some manufactured bricks as well.

Sirmium was one of the centres of the Early Christianity, but also the place where Christian martyrs suffered. The ruins of the Christian basillica in the centre of the town are the evidence of that. On Grain Square (Žitni trg), on the ruins of the Roman craft district, the Oratorical Festival is held in June every year, as a reminder of the glory of the antique city.

The Archeological Site – the Imperial Palace of Sirmium

Address: Pivarska 2, Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia
Telephone: +381/22 621-568


The visitor centre is open every week day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
The guide service working hours can be adjusted if a tour for a large number of visitors is booked in advance.
The information posters are set at the site, and a guide through the Imperial Palace is included in the price of the ticket for an individual tour.
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Predstojeće aktivnosti
The following activities have been planned for the month of June:

  1. The official promotion of the Imperial Palace website;
  2. The presentation of the perfect reconstruction setup of Sirmium;
  3. The exhibition of the antique jewellery organized by the Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments;
  4. The exhibition of photographs the Archeological Heritage of Serbia is being prepared and it is planned to take place during the month;
  5. The promotion of the book by Michael R Wemer, Impreial Palace Complex Sirmium, (Sirmijum Kompleks Carske palate) published by the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments Sremska Mitrovica.