Sports Grounds

Open Sports Grounds:
1.  Football stadium ‘Srem’
2.  Football stadium ‘Radnički’
3. Hyppodrome CI ‘Proleće’
4.  Sport Airport Veliki Radinci
5.  Grass futsal field
6.  Athletic stadium

The surface of the Sport Airport Veliki Radinci is 23ha. It has a runway for sport and tourist flights which is 1100 metres long and where the planes with one or two engines which are up to 5,700 kilograms heavy can land. The club owns sport planes and air trikes and provides the service of panoramic sightseeing and parchuting.

The planes are kept in two hangars which have the surface of 1,100m2.
Indoor sports facilities:

PSC ‘Pinki’ – The hall was built in 1987 and its surface is 4,200 m2. There are 2,400 seats for the spectators. There is a 1,200 m2 large sports hall, a bowling alley with four lanes, a gym, a restaurant and an amphitheatre.
Sokol Society – was founded in 1902 as a sports society and it has a gym of 200 m2 and a playground with 1,000 seats for the spectators.
· Town’s Shooting Range ‘Stanko Paunović Veljko’ – its surface is 2,600 m2 and there are 8 positions in the indoor airgun shooting range and 20 positions in small-bore shooting range which is outside.
· The Watersports Centre – Kayak Club ‘Val’ – its surface is 800 m2 together with a gym, storage space for boats and oars and a disco club.


The Institution ‘Athletic Stadium’

According to the sports law it is legal to found sports organizations which would enable the sports activities sucha as training, planning and teaching about physical activities, refereeing, different kinds of sports preparations and competitions, renting equipment and venues, etc., and according to the public service law, these organizations can be registered as institutions. With the construction of the athletic stadium in Sremska Mitrovica we gained a sports venue which meets the high standards for the disciplines of athletics at the top level, and therefore it was necessary to found such a sports institution, which resulted in making a decision at the Town’s Council meeting which took place on September 9, 2008 to found the institution ‘Athletic Stadium’.

The basic purpose of this kind of institution is undoubtedly the promotion and enhancement of the culture of physical activities and sports in general, above all athletics as a basic sport, as well as the maintenance, construction, equipping, utilization, management and providence of the sports venue of the athletic stadium ‘Sirmium’. The utilization means that it can be used by registered sports clubs, organized groups of students or citizens, amateurs, for training, organizing preparations, sports competitions, professional training and other sports activities important for the society.
It can also be mentioned that the tartan track has IAAF Class 2 certificate (the kind of the construction material) and Construction Category 3 (the equipped battlefield for all kinds of competitions below the rank of the world and European competitions for seniors). To meet the standards for the Construction Category 2 it is necessary to build the bleachers which were planned in the project and they would have 1,600 seats for the spectators and all the other necessary contents.

There is a certain number of competitions that we expect to take place at our stadium, and the Athletics Federation of Serbia, according to the planned calendar of events for 2009, will authorize the clubs ‘Srem’ and ‘Sirmium’ to organize the competitions.

The address of the Athletic Stadium is:
dr Milana Kostića bb, Sremska Mitrovica
Telephone number: 631 858; 064 88 94 680
E-mail: atletstad©
Managing director: Maksimović Zoran