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A city more valuable than the emperor's daughter

Sremska Mitrovica is the seat of the municipality of Sremska Mitrovica in the region of Srem. Mitrovica is the biggest city in Srem, the administrative centre of the Srem district and one of the oldest cities in Vojvodina and Serbia. The city lies on the left bank of the river Sava.

The ancient city of Sirmium that lay in the territory of the present-day Sremska Mitrovica was the capital of the Roman Empire during the Tetrarchy. It was also called “the glorious mother of cities”. Many Roman emperors were born in Sirmium or its vicinity.

Sremska Mitrovica.
It is the people, it is the city.

The city of Sremska Mitrovica consists of the city – a conurbation of three settlements: Sremska Mitrovica and Lacarak on the left and Macvanska Mitrovica on the right bank of the Sava and 23 rural settlements.

In the vicinity of Sremska Mitrovica there are well-known picnic places and resorts within the National park Fruska gora (Lezimir and Letenka), as well as numerous monasteries on Fruska gora. There is a great potential for river tourism due to the Sava river, whose course in Sremska Mitrovica is ideal for these sorts of recreational activities (the city has a modern coastal embankment and the possibility of docking ships, as well as an arranged beach, one of the most attractive in Serbia). Another natural attraction is a special nature reserve Swamp Zasavica and the projects for presentation of archeological and architectural potential of the city have been initiated as well.

The location of the city and its connections to the surrounding area

The city is located in the northwestern part of Serbia and the southwestern part of Vojvodina, the meeting place of three different morphological entities: the plain of Srem, the plain of Macva and the hills of Fruska gora. Sremska Mitrovica has a geographical position at 44 degrees and 58 minutes of north latitude and 19 degrees and 36 minutes of east longitude and extends along the southern edge of the Srem loess terrace and on the alluvial plain of the left bank of the Sava River, at an average altitude of 82 m. The city is actually a conurbation of three settlements: Sremska Mitrovica as the central urban unit, the adjacent Macvanska Mitrovica on the right bank of the Sava and the village with the largest population in Serbia, Lacarak, in the west. The city’s location is really favourable, only 75km from the country’s capital Belgrade, to which it is connected by the highway E-70, which has European significance. Another connection to Belgrade is the only two-track railway in the country. Novi Sad, the provincial centre, is 50km away. The city is 35km away from the border crossing with the Republic of Croatia.

The location in the immediate vicinity is also favourable since the city lies in the “narrowest” part of Srem, where the roads leading from the Balkans and Belgrade in the east towards the present-day Croatia in the west are the closest to the waterways (the river Sava). These roads create a traffic hub. Apart from that, Sremska Mitrovica is favourably located because this is the place on the Sava where it is the closest to Fruska gora. Also, the city was built in the place where the coast of the river is the most accessible. In the past, the parts east and west of the city were extremely swampy and difficult to access, so this place was suitable for crossing the river and managing it in this part of the course. This was also important for the defense of the city, because the surrounding swamps were also a “natural rampart” in times of war.


There are 31748 adult residents living in Sremska Mitrovica, and the average age of the population is 39.5 (38 in men and 40.9 in women). There are 14214 households in the city and the average number of members per household is 2.75.

This settlement is mainly inhabited by Serbs (according to the 2002 census). The 2011 census is the first to record a population decline.

Teritorija Grada
Sremska Mitrovica


Sremska Mitrovica

Podaci iz 1545—1548. godine

Po podacima iz 1545—1548. godine, imala je Mitrovica samo 70 hrišćanskih kuća. (Izvor: Dr Dušan J. Popović, Srbi u Vojvodini, knjiga 1, Novi Sad, 1990, pp. 262)

Podaci iz 1572. godine

Po podacima iz 1572. godine, Mitrovica je imala 598 muslimanskih kuća i 18 hrišćanskih. (Izvor: Dr Dušan J. Popović, Srbi u Vojvodini, knjiga 1, Novi Sad, 1990, pp. 262)

Podaci iz 1910. godine

Prema popisu iz 1910. godine, stanovništvo Mitrovice brojalo je 12.909 stanovnika, od kojih je:

4.878 govorilo srpski jezik
3.915 govorilo hrvatski jezik
2.341 govorilo nemački jezik

U opštinskom području Mitrovice bilo je 32.012 stanovnika, od kojih je:

27.022 govorilo srpski jezik
2.324 govorilo nemački jezik
1.071 govorilo hrvatski jezik

Podaci iz 1948. godine

Prema popisu iz 1948. godine, stanovništvo Mitrovice brojalo je 13.183 stanovnika, od kojih:

6.777 Srba
3.933 Xrvata
864 Rusina i Ukrajinaca
835 Mađara

Podaci iz 1971. godine

Prema popisu iz 1971. godine, stanovništvo Mitrovice brojalo je 31.986 stanovnika, od kojih:

21.763 Srba
4.843 Xrvata
1.521 Jugoslovena
879 Mađara

Podaci iz 2002. godine

Prema popisu iz 2002. godine, stanovništvo Mitrovice brojalo je 39.084 stanovnika, od kojih:

31.127 Srba
2.130 Xrvata
961 Jugoslovena
620 Rusina
524 Mađara

Podaci iz 1566—1569. godine

Po podacima iz 1566—1569. godine, Mitrovica je imala 592 muslimanske kuće i 30 hrišćanskih. (Izvor: Dr Dušan J. Popović, Srbi u Vojvodini, knjiga 1, Novi Sad, 1990, pp. 262)

Podaci iz 1756. godine

Po podacima iz 1756. godine, Mitrovica je imala 809 stanovnika, od kojih 514 srpskih i 290 katoličkih. (Izvor: Dr Dušan J. Popović, Srbi u Vojvodini, knjiga 2, Novi Sad, 1990, pp. 331)

Podaci iz 1931. godine

Prema popisu iz 1931. godine, stanovništvo Mitrovice brojalo je 13.839 stanovnika, od kojih je:

10.429 govorilo srpski, hrvatski ili slovenački jezik
1.753 govorilo nemački jezik
945 govorilo mađarski jezik
632 govorilo ostale slovenske jezike

Podaci iz 1961. godine

Prema popisu iz 1961. godine, stanovništvo Mitrovice brojalo je 20.790 stanovnika, od kojih:

13.055 Srba
4.513 Xrvata
874 Mađara

Podaci iz 1981. godine

Prema popisu iz 1981. godine, stanovništvo Mitrovice brojalo je 37.628 stanovnika, od kojih:

24.390 Srba
5.762 Jugoslovena
3.979 Xrvata
682 Mađara